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Icecream & Firewalls - Jonathan Pryor's web log

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Icecream & Firewalls

Earlier this year, Michael Meeks described how to use icecream to speed up builds. One problem was that originally it required disabling the firewall on most systems. There was an update mentioning that setting FW_CONFIGURATIONS_EXT could be used to open up the appropriate ports in the firewall so that things would Just Work. Alas, that doesn't work for me on openSUSE 11.1.

Thus, if using the openSUSE Firewall Allowed Services configuration doesn't work (which is what setting FW_CONFIGURATIONS_EXT modifies), there is one alternate strategy to use before disabling the firewall: manually specify the scheduler system on the daemon systems within the icecream configuration file:

sudo sed -i 's/ICECREAM_SCHEDULER_HOST=""/ICECREAM_SCHEDULER_HOST="SCHEDULER"/' /etc/sysconfig/icecream

Replace SCHEDULER with the appropriate host name or IP address of your scheduler system.

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