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Mono.Unix Documentation Stubs - Jonathan Pryor's web log

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Mono.Unix Documentation Stubs

I've just added the Mono.Unix documentation stubs. Next step is to start documenting the members, mostly by copy/pasting the current Mono.Posix documentation.

Lessons learned:

  1. Documentation can be out of date, especially the documentation to update existing documentation. Oops. We're supposed to use the monodocer program.
  2. The correct command to generate/update documentation is: monodocer -assembly:assembly-name -path:directory-name.
  3. The monodocer program didn't like me (it generated a NullReferenceException because of a class in the global namespace). Patch in svn-trunk.
  4. Documentation is an alternate view of a class library

That final point is the major point: through it, I realized that several methods in Mono.Unix which should be private were instead public. Oops. Obviously I need to document things more often...

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