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Mono.Unix Reorganization - Jonathan Pryor's web log

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Mono.Unix Reorganization

Brad Abrams, author of the Framework Design Guidelines, recently posted his precon slides for the recent PDC.

I quickly read through it to see how it well Mono.Unix follows it. I also recently ran FxCop on Mono.Posix.dll, with many interesting results.

One major point that Abrams' slides pointed out is on page 53:

This is completely different from how Mono.Unix currently operates, as it places both low-level classes such as Syscall and high-level classes such as UnixStream into the same namespace. The only difference between thw low-level and high-level is the Unix prefix present on the high-level classes. This is a problem.

It's a problem because when looking at the class view or the documentation you get lost looking at the dozens of low-level types such as AccessMode, ConfStr, and Syscall, as the high-level wrapper classes -- having a Unix prefix, will be after most of the types developers (hopefully) won't be interested in.

My solution is to separate the low-level classes into a Mono.Unix.Native namespace. The Mono.Unix namespace will be used for high-level types following CLS conventions (such as PascalCased types and methods) such as UnixFileSystemInfo, and for .NET integration classes such as UnixStream.

This change went into mono-HEAD today. All of the existing low-level Mono.Unix types have been marked [Obsolete], with messages directing users to use the appropriate Mono.Unix.Native types. Alas, some of these low-level types are used in properties or as the return types of methods in the high-level classes. These have been marked [Obsolete] for now, with a message stating that the property type or method return type will change in the next release. "Next release" in this case will be 1.1.11 or 1.2 (as I'm assuming the release of 1.1.10, which is when developers will actually see these messages if they don't follow mono-HEAD).

I'm also interested in better CLS compliance in the high-level classes. At present many of them are [CLSCompliant(false)] because they use non-CLS-compatible types such as uint or ulong. Should these be changed to CLS-compliant types? Any such changes should be done now (i.e. before 1.1.10), to allow any migration time.

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