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    1. Naming, Mono.Fuse Documentation

Naming, Mono.Fuse Documentation - Jonathan Pryor's web log

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Naming, Mono.Fuse Documentation

I find naming to be difficult. What should a type be named, what should a member be named? What's consistent? What names are easily understandable in any context? What names sow confusion instead of clarity?

This is why writing documentation, as annoying as it can be (lots of repetition), is also useful: it forces a different viewpoint on the subject.

For example, Mono's monodocer program uses System.Reflection to generate an initial documentation stub for use within monodoc. As such, it shows you the public types which are actually within an assembly, not just what you thought was in the assembly, like the compiler-generated default constructors which are so easy to forget about.

I've documented every public type and member within Mono.Fuse: Mono.Fuse Documentation.

And if you haven't guessed by now, the types have changed, because writing documentation forces a different viewpoint on the subject, and shows out all of the glaring inconsistencies within the API. So much for my hope that the API would be reasonably stable after the 0.3.0 release. <Sigh>

Consequently, the docs are only ~90% useful for the most recent 0.3.0 release, as they document the forthcoming 0.4.0 release. I hope to get 0.4.0 out reasonably soon, though I still have to write release notes.

The GIT repository has been updated so that HEAD contains the 0.4.0 sources, so if you're really interested in using the current API, you can git-clone it for now.

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