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Mono 2.4 and mdoc-update - Jonathan Pryor's web log

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Mono 2.4 and mdoc-update

Mono 2.4 was released, and among the unlisted changes was that mdoc-update has migrated from using Reflection to using Mono.Cecil.

There are multiple advantages and disadvantages to this migration. The disadvantages include slower execution (when I tested, Mono.Cecil took ~10% longer to do the same task as Reflection) and increased dependencies (Mono.Cecil is now required).

I believe that these disadvantages are outweighed by the advantages. Firstly, the migration makes my life significantly easier. One of the major limitations of Reflection is that only one mscorlib.dll can be loaded into a process. This means that, in order to support generating documentation from mscorlib.dll 1.0, there needs to be a version of mdoc-update that runs under .NET 1.0. Similarly, to document mscorlib.dll 2.0, I need a different version of mdoc-update which runs under .NET 2.0. And when .NET 4.0 is released (with yet another version of mscorlib.dll), I'll need...yet another version of mdoc-update to run under .NET 4.0. This is less than ideal, and using Mono.Cecil allows me to have one program which supports every version of mscorlib.dll.

This also means that I can use C# 3.0 features within mdoc-update, as I no longer need to ensure that (most of) mdoc-update can run under the .NET 1.0 profile.

Most people won't care about making my life easier, but I do. ;-)

For everyone else, the most important result of the Mono.Cecil migration is that mdoc-update now has a suitable base for advanced documentation generation scenarios which make use of IL analysis. The first feature making use of it is new --exceptions functionality, which analyzes member IL to determine which exceptions could be generated, and creates stub <exception/> XML documentation based on that analysis. This feature is experimental (see the documentation), and contains a number of corner cases, but I've already found it useful for writing Mono.Rocks documentation.

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