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The Return of Patriarchy - Jonathan Pryor's web log

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The Return of Patriarchy

Via Instapundit, an article discussing the probable return of patriarchy. Why? Cultural evolution.

The 17.4 percent of baby boomer women who had only one child account for a mere 7.8 percent of children born in the next generation. By contrast, nearly a quarter of the children of baby boomers descend from the mere 11 percent of baby boomer women who had four or more children. These circumstances are leading to the emergence of a new society whose members will disproportionately be descended from parents who rejected the social tendencies that once made childlessness and small families the norm. These values include an adherence to traditional, patriarchal religion, and a strong identification with one’s own folk or nation.

It's a "survival of the fittest" scenario: conservative, patriarchal families have more children than non-conservative families, so the next generation leans more conservative than the previous generation. Repeat for a few genrations, and things "naturally" become more conservative.

Interesting article, pointing out the causes of patriarchy, the causes for the decline of patriarchy thoughout history (men want to do things other than raise children, like party all night), and the causes for a probable resurgance.

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