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    1. Two Wonderful Years

Two Wonderful Years - Jonathan Pryor's web log

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Two Wonderful Years

Thank you Amber for a wonderful two years of marriage, and thank you for bringing us Sarah. She's a joy to behold. She's also going to co-op the rest of this entry. :-)

Sarah has enjoyed sleeping in my arms. She's the cutest thing, and she's been doing this for quite some time. Here she is, two weeks old (on May 8th):

Sarah on Jon

Sarah is also staring at everything in sight, as should be expected, at 2 weeks 2 days (on May 10th):

Sarah staring at camera

Sarah almost smiling

Normally she sleeps in a bassinet, as this makes it easier to move her around the house without actually waking her. In theory, anyway... (One month, 4 days old on May 28th):

Sarah in bassinet

When we really need her to sleep, we put her in The Chair. This wonderful rocker has a battery-operated vibrator, which helps put her to sleep (on June 4, at 1 month 1.5 weeks old):

Sarah in bassinet

We also take her on walks with us. The stroller is too cumbersome most of the time, since there are few sidewalks in the area, so we carry her in a baby carrier (1 month 2 weeks old, on June 7th):

Sarah in bassinet

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