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    1. Sarah's Cruising Efforts

Sarah's Cruising Efforts - Jonathan Pryor's web log

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Sarah's Cruising Efforts

Random Picture Update...because I'm too lazy to post these pictures when they're actually taken. :-)

Sarah and Sadie look very cute together (January 7, 2006):

Sarah and Sadie

Meanwhile, Sarah continues to do well eating solid foods (January 19, 2006):

Sarah eating carrots

Sarah also enjoys crawling everywhere, and climbing over everything (January 29, 2006):

Sarah climbing over rocker

Standing? She's working on it (February 4, 2006):

Sarah climbing over rocker

Stairs won't be a problem forever (though we'll continue to worry) -- February 11, 2006:

Sarah trying to climb stairs

Dressed to go outside (February 12, 2006):

Sarah standing against couch

Meanwhile, Sarah has changed her daily schedule so that she has only one nap a day. I've heard some proclaim this as a good thing, mentioning the fabled 4-4-4 schedule (4 hours awake, 4 hour nap, 4 hours awake, then bed for 12 hours). Sarah hasn't followed this; instead, she's going for 3-2-7, or something very close to it, with a 2-3 hour nap, and up for upwards of 8 hours at night. I can't recommend this at all, since it leaves little time to do anything while Sarah is asleep.

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