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Random Update - Jonathan Pryor's web log

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Random Update

Today is Sarah's second birthday, and I've been terribly lax in posting any pictures (or mentioning anything else for that matter). So, what's been happening in the 6 months since the last update? Lots.

We visited Mary and Steve after Thanksgiving, and Sarah got to see some horses:

Sarah & Horse

Last fall we also managed to cut down some trees from our backyard, including one that was already dead:

Fallen Trees

In January, it snowed (all ~1/8" of it):


In February, Sarah was cute:

Sarah on stairs Sarah on Jon

In March, we visited Mary and Steve again:

Mary, Amber, Sarah, Steve Sarah

There was also some dog mhugging:

Sarah & Sadie

In late March, Sarah started crawling out of her crib, so we thought it was time to convert her crib to a day bed:

Sarah & Amber

This turned out to be a terrible mistake, as Sarah gave up naps when we did this, and she isn't ready to give up naps; she's terribly cranky at night when she skips them. (We're not ready for her to give up naps either, for that matter.) Fortunately, we were able to convert it back into a crib a few days later, and Sarah hasn't tried to repeatedly crawl out of her crib since.

In April, we got...more snow. Amazingly, it was more snow than we got in January. Yay global climate change! :-/

Sarah & Amber

Then Amber went hog-wild in cleaning up the backyard so that we could create a play area. We rented a chainsaw, cut down a few more trees, had co-workers collect most of our large fallen trees (thanks Dave and Pat!)... Then on one (rainy) Saturday, we rented a 16' Penske truck, loaded up the rest of the trees parts (canopies, small branches) and most of the dog pen, dumped it all at the town dump, went to Toys 'R' Us, picked up a swing set, a ton of lumber, then returned home exhausted.

After lots of work on Amber's part later, we get this:

Sarah & Amber Sarah & Amber

(And in the middle of that, I was busy running CAT-5 and COAX cable throughout the house. I'm surprised I had the energy to do all that...)

Last weekend we returned to Blacksburg to attend Vera and Brian's Wedding. Sarah met 2½ year-old Isaac Miao, and they seemed to have fun together:

Amber, Jon, Sarah Sarah & Isaac Isaac & Sarah

Finally, Sarah has been spending some of her evenings with our next-door neighbor. Sarah enjoys this immensely:

Sarah & Amber

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