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  1. Announcing Brian Jonathan Pryor - Jonathan Pryor's web log
    1. Announcing Brian Jonathan Pryor

Announcing Brian Jonathan Pryor - Jonathan Pryor's web log

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Announcing Brian Jonathan Pryor

It took longer than we would have liked, and he still arrived earlier than he wanted, but Brian Jonathan Pryor was born this morning at 2:39 AM:

Brian and Amber

Jonathan and Brian

Vital Statistics:

7 lbs, 9 oz
20 inches

Delivery did not go according to plan. Amber's OBGYN was going on vacation today at noon, so we had originally planned to induce labor on Wednesday. That fell through...because the hospitals were full. They managed to find a room for us on Thursday, so we induced last night. By Friday morning, things had gone "sour" -- Brian's heart rate was lower than the doctors were comfortable with, so Amber underwent an emergency C-section.

Aside from events unfolding in an unexpected fashion, Amber and Brian are doing fine.

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