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    1. Yet Another Random Update...

Yet Another Random Update... - Jonathan Pryor's web log

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Yet Another Random Update...

By parental request, more images of Sarah...

Around April, we started setting up a swing set for Sarah:

Sarah studying a branch.

Jon preparing to put in a stud.

Sarah wants to help.

Of course, play areas need to be filled with mulch:


Mulch in Play Area.

Unfortunately our back yard isn't level, so some digging was necessary to ensure that the play set was level:

Ditch for Swingset.


Which was completed just in time for my parents to visit, necessating...a trip to Busch Gardens:

Sarah in Airplane.

A trip to Maymont Park:

Sarah, Jon, Chris.

Amber, Sarah, Jon.

Sarah likes to help with chores:

Sarah and Vacuum.

Sarah still needs her naps...

Sarah napping in car.

...Especially when we went to Chicago for July 4th to visit family, and an impromptu baby shower:

Sarah, Doll, Chaka.

Sarah and lots of toys.

And an unfortunate side trip to the hospital:

Sarah on Jon

The unfortunate trip was due to a fall on an escalator, causing Sarah to loser her pinky nail. (Ouch!) I freaked out more than Sarah, initially. We found out ~1.5 weeks after returning home that this was a good thing, as there were many incidents of food poisening at some food stands my parents hit (and we would have hit if not for the hospital).

A Zoo Trip:

Amber & Sarah.

Sarah in Kangaroo.

4th of July, Sarah meets my cousins:

Kelcie, Kyle, Sarah.

More recently, we can relax:

Jon & Sarah.

Also, after many years of poor health, our oldest cat Bodhi died. To keep Arthur company, we got a new cat last Saturday, Gwen:


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