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Mono.Fuse, Take 2! - Jonathan Pryor's web log

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Mono.Fuse, Take 2!

See the original announcement for more on what Mono.Fuse is (in short: a C# binding for FUSE).

This is an update, releasing Mono.Fuse 0.2.0, and (more importantly) an updated set of patches to mcs, mono, and now mono-tools. The mcs and mono patches are required to build & run Mono.Fuse, while the mono-tools patch is optional and only necessary if you want to view the create-native-map.exe program.

See here for all patches and an overview.

The major change between this set of patches and the original set is one of approach: the original set tried to make the native MonoPosixHelper API public, which was deemed as unacceptable (as there's too much cruft in there that we don't want to maintain).

The new approach only adds public APIs to the Mono.Unix.Native.NativeConvert type, permitting managed code to copy any existing native instance of supported structures. For example:

  Mono.Unix.Native.NativeConvert.Copy (IntPtr source, 
      out Mono.Unix.Native.Stat destination);

copies a pointer to an existing native struct stat and copies it into the managed Mono.Unix.Native.Stat instance. There are equivalent methods to do the managed → native conversion as well.

Since this approach requires making far fewer public API changes to Mono.Posix and MonoPosixHelper (i.e. no public API changes to MonoPosixHelper, as it's an internal/private library), I hope that this will be more acceptable.

Here's to a quick review!

Updated to add a link to the overview page.

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