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Miguel's ReflectionFS - Jonathan Pryor's web log

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Miguel's ReflectionFS

After the Mono.Fuse 0.2.1 release, Miguel de Icaza wrote a small Mono.Fuse program that exposed System.Reflection information as a filesystem.

With the Mono.Fuse 0.3.0 release, this sample no longer works, as the Mono.Fuse API changed. Thus, here is an updated version of the sample:

$ cp `pkg-config --variable=Libraries mono-fuse` .
$ gmcs ReflectionFS.cs -r:Mono.Fuse.dll -r:Mono.Posix.dll
$ mkdir t
$ mono ReflectionFS.exe t &
$ ls t/mscorlib/System.Diagnostics.ConditionalAttribute
ConditionString      GetType             ToString
Equals               get_TypeId          TypeId
get_ConditionString  IsDefaultAttribute
GetHashCode          Match
$ fusermount -u t

Note that the above requires that PKG_CONFIG_PATH contain a directory with the mono-fuse.pc file (created during Mono.Fuse installation), and that should be in LD_LIBRARY_PATH or a directory listed in /etc/

Mono.Fuse also contains other sample programs. In particular, RedirectFS-FH.cs is a straightforward port of FUSE's fusexmp_fh.c sample program, and shows a way to "redirect" a new mountpoint to display the contents of another existing directory. RedirectFS-FH.cs is actually an improvement, as fusexmp_fh.c just shows the contents of the / directory at any new mount point, while RedirectFS-FH can redirect to any other directory.

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